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The World War II Airborne Demonstration Team Foundation was formed to honor and serve the memory of the men & woman who fought and died to preserve America's freedom during WWII. The activities of the Foundation recognize and honor all those who served and survived that conflict. The Foundation serves as an historical organization, that honorable purpose through the participation of its members in active parachute jumping in the style of the WWII airborne soldier utilizing an aircraft that actually participated in the invasion of Europe. These activities serve to further the memory of their unbending loyalty to the cause of freedom.​ ​Further, it is the goal of the Foundation to foster, promote and engage in research of WWII airborne operations and military history, and to inform and educate the Public through Airborne  Demonstrations-Static Line Parachuting-Training & Courses throughout the United States and Europe.

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As The history of The World War II Demonstration Team (ADT) starts with a mission that developed in the head of our founder, Richard “Top” Wolf when he was just a young man. As a child growing up in a neighborhood where his father and many other fathers were WWII veterans and some Korean War veterans, Top was the “fly on the wall”, so to speak, taking in all the stories they told of their experiences in the service. Later, as a young man fresh in the army, he would receive training by veterans similar to those he knew on his boyhood street. Top realized that with the passing of time the stories and experiences of these men would be lost unless he found a way to make sure that the public would be reminded and taught as the years passed and memories faded. It was then that ADT was born.

The mission for The WWII Airborne Demonstration Team was clear; educate the public as to the unprecedented role the brave fighting men and all those who served during WWII undertook in securing the freedom of millions of people across the globe. The best way to engage the public to keep them engaged was simple, live action parachute drops utilizing similar equipment, uniforms and even aircraft, when possible. A dynamic presentation to keep their interest and to perhaps stir their curiosity to learn more.

ADT had humble beginnings in Top’s backyard in Alderson, OK with tents for shelter and drum barrel showers heated by the ever present Oklahoma summer sunshine. Recruiting was done with anyone with a desire to learn to jump or to refresh military training from many years ago. Training was held during the week and weekends and when the handful of students showed sufficient acumen, a plane was rented and the jumps began.

The endeavor was small and the only assistant at the time was Top’s brother Roger. Together they persisted in getting the word out about the team and recruited in earnest. Retired military parachutes were hard to come by at that time and Top bank rolled the operation out of his own pocket. With no certified riggers on staff in the beginning, reserve parachutes had to be taken to the other side of the state for inspection, packing and repair.

​​The first regularly used aircraft for the fledgling team came in the form of a Beechcraft C45 with cargo doors

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